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With the busy schedule we have everyday, we find little time making those little moments that will make us smile and we sometimes start or even end our day exhausted with too much stress and negativities to ourselves, and to the people around us.


What are those simple things that make us happy?

A simple question yet a lot of possible ways and reasons that could make a person happy.

I noticed lately in social media a viral hastag of #100happydays and find it really interesting what's this all about. I came across to the website 100happydays.com. It simply challenge us to share those pictures that makes us happy every single day for 100 days.

It's not all about who is the happiest person for 100 days. It's all about happiness for yourself.

I took the challenge not to be in with what's new but to find more reasons to be happy on every single ordinary days.


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To My BFF...

Girl @ the bench

Girl @ the bench

Last Friday, nagkita kami ng aking ever dearest BFF. Though we weren't able to spend more time together that night, deep inside us we missed those times together. Well, sino ba si BFF sa buhay ko at ganito nalang kami ka bond together. Even I never thought that our friendship will get this far. How did we started? Well, I don't know the exact details, ang alam ko, when I was promoted as a support to my team, that was the time that I was able to get to know more of her. At first, they would say that she's one hell of a bitch.. hahaha! The term. One time we went lunch together and all of personal conversations about life, love and everything under the sun all came rushing to us. I was there, listening to her sentiments, comforting her when she needs it. I could say andun ako during her ups and downs. I remember na di pwedeng mawala sa topic namin ang tungkol sa mga boys. Hahahaha! Everything was so nice but good stories always face trials and problems and worst part lagi nalang may parting farewells. Nung last day nya sa office, I tried to divert myself sa work para di ko masyadong maramdaman na aalis na ang BFF ko. Di parin siya nakatiis, she sent out her last email blast to give thanks to all of her colleagues and especially me. Nunng binabasa ko yung email nya to me, I can't help but cry knowing that she will be gone for good. I still kept her email as part of the memories that we had together in the office.Marami akong namiss na ginagawa namin together, the Laugh Trip pag Friday morning, the sharing moments after our breaks, yung pandesal palaman itlog or meatloaf at ang walang katapusang alaskahan... She's now part of one of the biggest company as part of HR and with the blessings coming from Lords, she will soon be travelling abroad to train for a new job. I'm so proud of her. Well, until know were still keeping our communication intact, text message, chat over the internet at di parin nawawala ang mga laugh trip kahit di kami magkasama together. I want to have this chance to say a lot of this to my BFF. I thank Lord for letting our path cross I met a very strong, sexy (gusto mo yn!), funny, nice and lovable BFF. I want to say thank you for letting me be part of your life for including me to your prayers. I'm so proud you for keeping all of your task as a mom to your two lovely daughters, I'm sure they will be as strong like you when they grow up. I'm proud of you as my BFF and friend to those worthy of you. You been so comforting. thank you. I will always be here for you, to make you smile if you feel the everyone is putting you down, I will be here to listen to anything you share to me, I will still be here to lend you my shoulder to cry on if you need it. Just always remember, everything you going through is what the Lord wants you to have. Keep it up! Your the best BFF.

Friends Forever

Friends Forever

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Foto Gallery-The Infosys Way

Last night was the last night of submission of photo entry for our company's Foto Gallery Event. All of entries will displayed tonight on the hallway of the office. One of my teammates told me to submit some pictures from our recent team building. How should I say, it was a last minute pressure of trying to access FB in the office just to get those picture. Luckily, we did able to send them on time. Judging followed & sad to say that none of our entries submitted was selected - but looking on the bright side, we didn't expect that one of our teammates sent an entry too and Voila! That entry won the hearts of the judges. If that's how to say it. LOL!

Fun___Work.jpg Funny, the picture that was submitted was taken during the previous Cos play event in the office. That was the last picture that we had as wave-mates. Mind you, our wave just had the 2nd anniversary in the company last Monday. Cheers! We called ourselves the survivors, why? Well, we started, I think roughly 15 when we started our training in the company. And month after month, one by one they bid their farewell to the group...Now, were 6 left in our wave, one is on the other team of the same group and the other, well, let's just say that she is still part of the group but having some personal issues. That's why she's not in that picture. Peace!
Well, what can I say? Stay strong guys! Looking forward for more fruitful years to come...Cheers!

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This is where my story begins...

Day 1


Hmmm....How should I start this?
Well, everything starts from scratch.. A simple idea that struck my mind and a sudden rush of feeling that I want to start on writing something. Then I pause for a moment and these question start bursting out from my head. "What am I going to write?", "How should I start this?" , etc. I said to myself, "the hell I care! I'll just write whatever comes to my mind - any random thoughts, events that could took place for the past days... " It could be something that made me sad, made me mad or even made me laugh for awhile despite of a lot of burdens, stress and commitment I have to keep on my not so big mind.
It could be something personal, memories that I had from my SO LOVED workplace. That's is damn serious! Ha!I hope I can keep this blog updated more often.

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